First Responders

For the First Responder Personnel and family, the NCWC Foundation Chaplain offers:

Routine encouragement through regular station visits with all personnel

  • Remaining open and available for any private questions or conversations initiated by the staff members
  • If requested by agency personnel, offer spiritual encouragement or assistance
  • Engaging in and observing as many department events as possible, becoming a regular part of the “agency life”
  • Education and continued training so as to better serve the department
  • Be available for any personal events a staff member may request the Chaplain to assist with.
    These range from weddings to funerals of the immediate department personnel
    to their extended family and everything in between
  • Visit any member of the agency or their family members if hospitalized
  • Be available to offer strength and or encouragement without hesitation to any member
    of the agency when called upon to do so
  • Be available to the staff on a 24/7 basis as much as is possible
  • Be pro-active in following up with the personnel directly involved with the incident,
    through and after the debriefing process to help assure or facilitate emotional/mental stability and processing.

If you are a spouse or loved one of a First Responder and you would like to talk with a Chaplain you also have access to a Chaplain”, please contact us here on the website. 

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