North Central Washington Chaplain Foundation

Goals, Protocol and Procedures

“Serve those who protect and serve, with compassion, integrity, dignity and care.”

The Foundation Controlling Purpose is as follows:

  • Our objective is to provide our First Responder community, their families and the public with chaplains
    who respond on a 24 / 7 basis.
  • Our chaplains are committed to serve diligently and provide the highest quality emotional and spiritual support, intervention, care and compassion for our first responder personnel, their families, and to the public.
  • These services are more specifically executed in the following circumstances and events, but are in no way limited by the inability to define all manner of calls or life experiences.

First Goal is to serve First Responders- Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Emergency Medical personnel and Volunteers by providing spiritual, emotional and physical support. This support includes intervention resources and help during times of crisis, critical incidents, traumatic events, and even simply during the stress and concerns of everyday life.

Our chaplains pro-actively build rapport and relationships within the first responder communities to assist, support and serve through professional and authentic means. This includes, but is not limited to specialized training in coping skills, CISM, PTSD, LODD, suicide prevention, alcohol and substance abuse, debriefing, intervention, counseling and providing additional resources as needed.

Second Goal is to serve the families, spouses and children of our first responder personnel. We desire to provide resources, support, guidance, help, hope and purpose which truly reinforce morale, character, and integrity. These foundational qualities help provide stronger core values for individuals, marriages, families, departments and ultimately our communities.

Third Goal is for our chaplains to be the spiritual and emotional trauma team, as well as liaisons between the first responders/public during critical incidents, catastrophes and crisis events. Our chaplains have been trained to compassionately walk along side others during some of the most overwhelming life-changing events they may ever face. We desire to help provide comfort, counsel, resources and support to those in need during these critical times.

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