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The Pain of Loss

First responders by the nature of their job run to situations where most people run from. For the police officers this can be responding to active shooters, robberies, disorderly/mentally disturbed persons, homicides, assaults, dangerous rescue calls, and social unrest. For the fire fighter this can be responding to structure and wild land fires, explosions, and dangerous rescues. While working these calls first responders can sustain serious injuries or even death. In 2019, 89 police officers and 55 fire fighters died in the line of duty, in the United States. In many agencies trained first responder chaplains are available to help those brave men and women work through their pain and suffering. Consider praying daily for those police officers and fire fighters that stand in the gap for your community.

“Carry each others burdens”

From a Facebook post from July 4, 2020: “I’m not a big Facebook poster but I thought this should be shared. This is a picture of a sheriff deputy sitting with grandmother today after she found my grandfather passed away. This deputy sat with her and stayed with us all the entire time. This is what the news media don’t post. Please share this and let the world know that there are still some awesome law enforcement officers.”

Deputy Comforts Driver Involved in Traffic Accident

A picture can speak a thousand words can’t it? After Shosho Akinyele graduated from North Paulding High School on Friday she went to McDonalds to get something to eat. While she was in the parking lot she got into a fender bender with another vehicle. Upset that she had just wrecked her car and damaged someone else’s vehicle, she was overcome with emotion and began to cry. When Deputy McLaughlin arrived on scene, he calmed Shosho and gave her a hug to make her feel better. Dallas, Georgia

Note: I post these and other similar stories to show that love, grace and mercy win out more than you would ever believe, from what is reported on news outlets.