International Conference of Police Chaplains Training

              Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center  

Chaplain Jay Caron and Darren Crutchfield recently attend the International Conference of Police Chaplains Conference which was held at the Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center, located in Cannon Beach, Oregon.  The training was held from February 5th – 8th.  The keynote speaker was Jeff Kemp, former National Football League  quarterback.  Some of the training topics included; Psychological First Aid, Why is Stress so Stressful, and Suicide.   This chaplain training will equip us to better serve our first responders and victims in crisis.

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Blue H.E.L.P. is an organization that offers resources and tools to help law enforcement officers navigate their careers and come out whole. This includes post traumatic stress and other mental health issues. They also seek to honor those law enforcement officers who have died due to suicide. For more information on Blue H.E.L.P. click on the icon below or follow them on Facebook.


Chaplain Steve Whitney

Chaplain Steve Whitney has served as a Chelan County Sheriff’s Office Chaplain for over 15 years. As a Law Enforcement Chaplain, Steve Whitney has responded to numerous emergency calls and critical incidents in North Central Washington. At these scenes Chaplain Whitney is there to assist the victims and their families, as wells as first responders with emotional and spiritual support. Chaplain Whitney was previously a United States Army Chaplain and is the pastor at Calvary Bible Church, in Wenatchee. Chaplain Whitney regularly goes on ride-alongs with deputies. Chaplain Whitney likes to go on patrol with officers so that he can see what they experience and understand what they go through. Chaplain Whitney recently noted, “I am amazed they (police officers) are so self-controlled in the many kinds of situations they face.”

Chaplain Whitney (seated on the bow of Chelan County Sheriff’s Office patrol boat, Marine 1) assisting Sergeant Randy Foltz and a Marine Patrol Volunteer on Lake Chelan.

Chaplain Whitney was one of the original members of the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office Chaplaincy Unit. Pictured from left to right, Chaplain Jay Caron (current chaplain), Chaplain Tom Heins, Chaplain Steve Hicks, and Chaplain Steve Whitney.